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Top 5 Bathroom Styles

Looking at renovating your bathroom? Here are 5 of the latest trends you should consider when choosing your style.


  1. Natural tones
    This trend is perfect if you want to create a tranquil bathroom – the ideal spot in the house to relax and unwind. Key features include a freestanding bathtub, plants, wood, stone accents and lots of natural light. Even if you are limited with space, this is an inexpensive concept easy to apply to your bathroom.


natural wood minimalist shower design
Credit: https://montissastrearquitectura.com/proyectos/casa-od/


  1. Vintage bathroom fixtures
    Looking for elegance and class? Vintage bathroom fixtures will help boost your bathroom style to give it a timeless, classic feel to it. Look at including vintage taps and traditional freestanding bathtubs – if you have the space. You can also implement this style by using detailed mirrors and vintage sconce lighting.


vintage traditional freestanding bath tub and plants
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/we_live_at_no.21/


  1. Double sink vanities
    This trend can be luxurious as well as practical. From a separate sink for your children to keep their mess separately or making bedtime more efficient when brushing teeth to mimicking a fancy hotel, double sink vanities are becoming more and more affordable. If you aren’t keen on the vanities sold in shops, a great way to create your vanity is to convert an old dresser. Make sure the height is suitable and then you can personalise the vanity by adding a sink of choice.


bespoke double vanity bathroom
Credit: https://www.westelm.co.uk/


  1. Unique shaped tiles
    One way you can update your bathroom without spending too much money is to change up the tiles. Hexagon tiles can be purchased in different sizes, styles and finish, and is the perfect way to make your bathroom stand out.


tiles bathroom ocean cloud design
Credit: https://www.tileclub.com/


  1. Bathroom mural
    A bathroom mural can help bring art to a typically art-less room. Choose a wall away from water and make a statement with waterproof wallpaper or tile up one wall of your shower/bath with patterned tiles.


cool wallpaper bathroom mural flowers
Credit: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/bathrooms/g27008949/bathroom-wallpaper/?slide=24


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