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5 Tips for a Great Bathroom

Thinking about renovating your bathroom?What does your dream bathroom look like?

Here are some helpful tips on where to start and what to consider

1. Deciding on the scope of the project is critical

Is this a complete bathroom renovation or just some parts to refresh things and give it a new look. A good place to start is with what you would like your refurbished bathroom to look like and include. Here are some items to consider:

    • bath or shower or both?
    • what type/shape/size of bath and shower do you like?
    • what about the bath taps, showerhead & other fixtures?
    • where best to locate the toilet?
    • what about the colour scheme?
    • what kind of tiles to choose?
    • how about the lighting?
    • do you need more storage?
    • what sort of hand basin or unit and mirror do you want?
    • heating options to consider, under floor heating or a towel radiator?
    • where does the towel rail and hooks go?

Once you have a working list this is a good place to start to put it all together into a design idea and guide to the materials to source.

2. Budget

We can all dream of a perfect luxury bathroom but often we have to consider the realities of how much of a budget we have. Working with your list from step one we can start to get some cost estimates. Core Spaces can save you time and advise you at this stage on the costs of different materials available and expected labour costs.

You may need to consider some trade offs but fortunately there are a wide range or materials and effects you can choose from to deliver the finish you are after.

Get a written quote from the builder and a specification list of the job to be done. The clearer the specification of works and agreed materials to use will significantly increase the chances everything will go as planned. Agree with your contractor to pay in installments so you keep a little back until the works are completed and you are satisfied
Finally, with any budget, always plan for the unexpected and allow for a bit extra, we normally recommend about 10% of your total budget.

3. Timing & Planning

With a better idea of costs, materials and labour involved you can then estimate how much time the job will take. Plan ahead in case the bathroom will be out of use while works are being carried out, especially if it’s the only bathroom available in the property. As usual allow for some extra time for project overrun which can happen due to delays in delivery of materials, installation or unexpected or unforeseen extra works, eg plumbing/piping or electric wiring set up.

4. Installation & implementation of your bathroom refurbishment

You’re finally ready to go! Any building works are messy so make sure you have packed everything away, cleared the space and sealed any surrounding rooms or spaces to help minimise dust/dirt spreading to other areas of the property.
Be available to regularly check and communicate with the builder as the works progress to ensure everything is on track. This is particularly important if any unexpected issues arise so you can make adjustments.

5. Completion and snagging

You’re almost there but please check all the works, a few small items to finalise or fix are common with any refurbishment project so don’t get frustrated, just point them out to the builder to get them rectified. Once you are fully satisfied go ahead and make the final payment.

Core Spaces has a full team of skilled and experienced tradesmen to do all the jobs you need to renovate your bathroom from plumbers, tilers, decorators, electricians to other tradesmen. The advantage of using a contractor with a full team is better communication and coordination of works leading to a better finish.

All our works come with a 10 year guarantee. See an example of one of our bathroom refurbishment projects

If you want help to remodel or renovate your bathroom please get in touch

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