Exterior Maintenance

Many people neglect the exterior maintenance of their property and wait for problems to arise. Let’s flip that mindset around and be pro-active, giving you the assurance no nasties will crop up.

Core Spaces can take care of your exterior building maintenance for residential and commercial properties. Periodically, every building will be exposed to wear from the outside elements leading to erosion or damage.

Proactive maintenance is important to ensure the building exterior is in good condition and will prevent more serious and costly issues if neglected.

We appreciate and understand that exterior works can be costly and unwelcome. We offer a comprehensive service at a reasonable rate to ensure all the necessary work is done.

Typical exterior works

    • restoring and repointing of exterior brickwork
    • checking the condition of the roofing, chimney stacks and gutters
    • painting and redecorating any exterior surfaces
    • pressure cleaning to remove dirt and mould on the facade and the floor or steps
    • restore or install asphalt, tiling or other materials for outdoor steps & flooring
exterior maintenance

We cover the London area. All our works come with a 10 year warranty and we are fully insured.


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